The elegant mystic ~ a 6mos advanced online course in healing

This course is for students who are ready to take the next steps in their journey as an intuitive energy healer.  I’ll be teaching this course with my brilliant healer friend Shelby Robbins.

The intention for this course...
- To support intuitives in embodying both their wings and their feet!
- Giving you all the tips, tricks, and a full tool belt of techniques and resources of the healer and in moving energy. 
- Bringing more agility, knowledge, and adaptability to healers
- Grounding energetic healing work into our deeply shared humanity (especially helpful for those of us who are more cosmically oriented)
- Supporting healers in bringing this work more mainstream
- Supporting those of you who are seeking language and expression for indescribable experiences. 
- You'll receive Group Energy Clearings, homework, and do clearing work with classmates to further your development and access your Spiritual Gifts

Each class we will….
1. Dive into a teaching piece
2. Practice Practice Practice!
3. Time for questions, feedback, refinement of healing skills
3. There is a total of 4 hours of required group coaching between each class. 2 hours of coaching with Cat, and 2 hours of coaching with Shelby. That will be set up at the end of our first class.
4. The course includes: Facebook group, live videos, handouts, homework, group Voxer chat - in addition to the monthly 4-hour classes for the duration of the 6-month course and two 2-hour POD training sessions with an instructor in between classes to hone your skills. 

Recordings of the classes will also be emailed out to everyone so they can review the material.

June 15th: Initiation
July 20th: Relationship
August 31st: Across lifetimes ~ Past Lives & Origin Lifetimes
September 29th: At the Altar of our Origins ~ Healing Ancestral Trauma
October 20th: Soul Retrieval - Becoming whole
November 16th: Arrival

All classes meet from 10am-2pm MDT
POD coaching times will be given after the 1st class.

$400 per month, or $2250 if paid in full (saving $150)

$400 To reserve your space for The Elegant Mystic. Shelby and Cat will be in touch after you register with more information. 


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Private sessions

In a session, we discover the root of an issue. Using a combination of ancestral healing techniques called Family Constellations and Shamanic healing techniques - we unravel the emotional energy and clear out subconscious beliefs that are causing a particular pattern or experience to recur.

We also activate and clear blocks to your spiritual gifts. We all have them - and by learning what they are and clearing the blocks to fully accessing them - your spiritual journey and ability to facilitate your own growth expands!

We incorporate your family tree and look into your ancestry. We inherit ancestral trauma from our family even if we’ve never been through the same experiences as our parents or grandparents. The Constellation techniques reveal hidden dynamics, harmonize the imbalances, and release unconscious burdens from the family field.

Sessions are done via Zoom.
If you don’t have Zoom we can also use Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Video, or phone.
Contact me for a free 20min consultation to learn more!

We incorporate your family tree. Our ancestry has a huge energetic, subconscious, and emotional impact on how we experience the world. Most of it is subconscious!

We incorporate your family tree. Our ancestry has a huge energetic, subconscious, and emotional impact on how we experience the world. Most of it is subconscious!

1-Session: $125 USD/ 60-min session
3-Session ~ Package: $330 USD/three 60-min sessions
6-Session ~ Transformational Package$590 USD/six 60-min sessions
1-Session {Seniors 65+/Teens/Students}: $75.00 USD/60-min session
3-Session ~ Package {Seniors 65+/Teens/Students}: $210 USD/3 one-hour sessions
6-Session ~ Transformational Package {Seniors 65+/Teens/Students}:  $400 USD/6 one-hour sessions

**If you need a sliding scale due to financial issues or an earlier session that’s not on my calendar - email me and we’ll talk.


Deep Dive ~ 3 Month healing Journey

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Some people know they want to make huge shifts now in their lives and want to dive into the work.
Doing consistent work causes momentum and velocity in shifting issues, deeply clearing your field, and raising your vibration.

Deep Dive: $1170
Deep Dive {Seniors/Teens/Students}": $910

These 3-months includes:
- 13 private sessions —> They don’t need to be within 3mos.
- WhatsApp, Voxer Messaging - for ongoing support.
- In-depth work on your energetic and emotional system.
- Open your connection to Creation.
- Develop your spiritual gifts & intuition.


Do you know you’re intuitive or empathic?

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Train to develop as a healer and energy medicine.
You can heal yourself, others, and open your channels to Source & your Guides to support you in life.

During this private one-on-one training you’ll:

  • Learn Shamanic Healing Techniques

  • Learn what your spiritual gifts are and unlock them.

  • Open your connection with Source & your Guides.

  • Get focused clearings to remove blocks that interfere with your intuition and gifts.

  • Learn the basics of Family Constellations and see into your family field and subconscious mind.

  • Learn to distinguish between your intuition vs your mind.

  • Heal yourself & others.

  • Track energy and use it to make aligned choices in life.

  • Discover your purpose & begin your activation sequence.

Intuitive Development: $525 / three ~ 90-min sessions
Awaken the Healer: $1150 / seven ~ 90-min sessions