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In a session, we uncover the root of an issue. We unravel the emotional energy and clear out subconscious beliefs that are causing a particular pattern or experience.

Sessions also involve consciousness development and awareness. The conscious mind is also a powerful tool in releasing blocks and wounding - speeding up healing tremendously with the focused, clear presence and understanding of how one’s system works.

Sessions are done via Zoom.
If you don’t have Zoom we can also use Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Video, or Phone.

Contact me for a free 20min consultation to learn more!

We incorporate your family tree. Our ancestry has a huge energetic, subconscious, and emotional impact on how we experience the world. Most of it is subconscious!

We incorporate your family tree. Our ancestry has a huge energetic, subconscious, and emotional impact on how we experience the world. Most of it is subconscious!

1-Session: $125 USD/ 60-min session
3-Session ~ Package: $300 USD/three 60-min sessions
6-Session ~ Transformational Package$570 USD/six 60-min sessions
1-Session {Seniors 65+/Teens/Students}: $75.00 USD/60-min session
3-Session ~ Package {Seniors 65+/Teens/Students}: $210 USD/3 one-hour sessions
6-Session ~ Transformational Package {Seniors 65+/Teens/Students}:  $400 USD/6 one-hour sessions
**If you need a sliding scale due to financial issues or a session time that’s not on my calendar - email me and we’ll talk.


Deep Dive ~ 3 Month healing Journey

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Some people know they want to make huge shifts now in their lives and want to dive into the work.
Doing consistent work causes momentum and velocity in shifting issues, deeply clearing your field, and raising your vibration.

Deep Dive: $1100
Deep Dive {Seniors/Teens/Students}": $900

These 3-months includes:
- 13 private sessions —> They don’t need to be used consecutively or within 3mos.
- WhatsApp, Voxer Messaging - for ongoing support.
- In-depth work on your energetic and emotional system.
- Develop your spiritual gifts & intuition.

Intuitive development

Develop your intuitive gifts.

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Train to develop as a healer and energy medicine.
You can heal yourself, others, and open your channels to Source & your Guides to support you in life.

During this private one-on-one training you’ll:

  • Learn Energy Medicine Techniques to heal yourself and others.

  • Learn to track and gain information to guide you, along with consciousness development.

  • Learn the Foundations of Family & Systemic Constellations.

Intuitive Development:
$150/one ~ 90-min session
$400 / three ~ 90-min sessions


The Elegant Mystic - 6mo Advanced Online Training

Cat Gelinas and Shelby Robbins are the instructors for this course. They are experienced healers who know how to deliver deep and effective results and shifts in the human experience.

This course is unique in that it not only teaches energy healing work, but a holistic approach to healing work including Authentic Relational skills, Family/Systemic Constellations, Parts + Shadow Work, and Consciousness development which are essential practices for your client to feel safe, held, and able to develop more rapidly on their own.

They will be co-teaching the material and guiding all of you through this process of honing your gifts and bringing them into your everyday lives.

We will be going over the foundational skills, techniques, awarenesses, authentic relational skills, and embodiment using maps, models, techniques, and practices designed to support you in taking your intuitive work to the next level of efficiency, precision, results, and wholeness.

This program is designed not only to enhance skills of energy work, tracking, and healing but to facilitate your own development and internal awakening and develop skills in relating to another human being.

The intention for this course...
- To support intuitives in embodying both their wings and their feet!
- Giving you all the tips, tricks, and a full tool belt of techniques and resources of the healer and authentic relational skills.
- Bringing more agility, knowledge, and adaptability to healers.
- Grounding energetic healing work into our deeply shared humanity (especially helpful for those of us who are more cosmically oriented)
- Supporting healers in bringing this work more mainstream.
- Supporting those of you who are seeking language and expression for indescribable experiences.
- You'll receive Group Energy Clearings, homework, and do clearing work with classmates to further your development and access your Spiritual Gifts.

Each class we will….
1. Dive into a teaching piece
2. Practice Practice Practice!
3. Time for questions, feedback, refinement of healing skills
3. There is a total of 4 hours of required group coaching between each class. 2 hours of coaching with Cat, and 2 hours of coaching with Shelby Robbins. That will be set up at the end of our first class.
4. The course includes: Facebook group, live videos, handouts, homework, group Voxer chat - in addition to the monthly 4-hour classes for the duration of the 6-month course and two 2-hour POD training sessions with an instructor in between classes to hone your skills.

_______ Upcoming Training 2020________

Module 1: January 25-26, 2020

– Introduction to Elegant Mystic Principles and the Container
– An overview of Elegant Mystic maps and models that we’ll be exploring together
– A foundation of  practices that will be essential for the next 6 months
– Field of awareness, layers of the field, levels of being, types of systems

Module 2: February 22nd and 23rd
– Relationship as a spiritual path
– Relationship to self and energetics as a way to transform

Module 3: March 21st and 22nd
– Maps and constructs of time: Lifetimes and memory
– Time constructs: bound to boundlessness

Module 4: April 25th and 26th
– At the alter of our origins: Ancestry
– Family + Systemic Constellation
– The family system
– Archetypes, Roles, polarization and distribution

Module 5: May 30th and 31st
– Soul Retrieval: Becoming Whole
– Multiplicity of self: Parts work
– The self as a collective
– Shadow: Projection and Introjection

Module 6: June 27th and 28th
– Cycles: Initiation, arrival, death
– Specific system conditions: trauma, addiction, illness
– Group Ceremony, returning to the individual

Program Cost
Our 6-month program is a profound investment in your growth and transformation. There is limited enrollment for this program. Your enrollment will be considered on a first come first served basis. You need to complete and submit all application materials, in addition to your deposit, in order to be considered for enrollment. 

Payment Details: 

– Submit a $500 deposit by December 15th to register

– Total course cost is $3,497. Early bird cost is $2,997 if paid in full by December 15th. Payment plans are available at $500 per month.

– Bring a friend and receive a $250 referral bonus

We’re definitely not the ideal instructors for everyone. Some considerations before signing up with us: 

Our instructors don't subscribe to the idea that intuitives can't also be incredibly intelligent. We support our intuitives in holding complex psychological maps, and stretching their ability to articulate and hold nuance. 

We also imagine that this cohort is the perfect combination of people to both teach, support and trigger you. We expect trigger will happen - it often does in growth experiences - and we do not view it as a necessarily bad or good thing. Our students report that much of their learning stems  from experiences with their cohort as with their instructors. You’ll likely spend the year practicing with a blend of therapists & coaches, along with a sprinkling of artists, bodyworkers and various spiritual seekers. Your ability to learn from this variety of values & perspectives is a part of the course. If experiencing interpersonal difference is not something you are available for, this course may not be a good fit.   

We focus as much on HOW an intuitive approaches an encounter as on what they do or say, and some find this degree of focus tedious. We find that this degree of attention on nuance is what sets our training apart in developing masterful intuitive leaders.

If you're feeling anxious, know that our instructors can be intense and they are extremely committed to not only kindness, but humility as well. At the end of the day we know that only you can determine the best style of clearing for you. That said, you still may experience training with us as uncomfortably direct. 

Our interview process sorts for participants who are stable enough in their personal lives to navigate possible emotional upheaval at times, as well as for their comfort debating or disagreeing with their instructors (which we welcome).