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"Wow. What a huge, deep emotional release!  That was so intense & I feel so much freer. I feel like 25 lbs has been lifted from me. It was like 5 years of intense therapy in an hour.  

Before our session I was on the phone with a friend and had started to tell her why I had a bad day yesterday (confrontations)  and now it’s unimportant & I have already moved on. I’m surprised how much my mood has shifted!"
- J. Wachter ~ Photographer, NYC

"Cat helped me clear some stuff that has been weighing me down for years. And we resolved major issues with my mother. I actually feel happy about our relationship now, which is saying a lot!  Also, I have so much more clarity about how to move forward. I’m so grateful to have found Cat and will definitely work with her again!"

- Marie T. ~ Writer, CA


"Working with Cat has lead to pivotal breakthroughs and changes in my life that would not have been possible before.  She has the ability to sense how we are holding ourselves back and (more importantly) - she also has the emotional intelligence to communicate with us in a way that will help us understand.   Her guidance has allowed me to understand and see more deeply into things that were holding me back for YEARS. "
Dan M. ~ Technical CoFounder, NYC

"I came to Cat for a constellation because I wanted to make a bigger impact.  I told her that I wanted to work on envy of people who were more successful than me and on my judgmental nature that I know was making it hard for me to speak to a broader audience. In a less than an hour long session, I felt more peace.  I could immediately see over the next few days what was underneath my judgement and envy - a sense of betrayal. I saw it so clearly, I could let it go.  While I have been doing personal development work for some time now, I have not been able to move through this on my own and had me keep going back to square one all the time.  Something cleared in my session with Cat that brought in the opportunity for me to resolve something that I had been dealing with my whole life and that people of my culture have probably been dealing with for generations."
- M. Parente ~ Life Coach, NYC

"I have had three sessions with Cat.   After each session so much has been shifted and then afterwards I experience immediate changes manifesting in my life within days or weeks.  I have explored and participated in many types of self-growth avenues in my lifetime, and the Constellation work with Cat feels like a “missing link”.  I feel so incredibly fortunate to have discovered this work and to have found Cat. She is remarkably insightful, intuitive and compassionate. She is clearly gifted in this work. "
Zahava Wilson ~ M.S.P.T, NY

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"I have done a lot of emotional "work" over the past few years seeking deeper insight into my relationship to myself, my work and my family. In the course of this work I have experienced a lot of growth and done a lot of deep grieving over difficult relationships and traumatic experiences. One of the misconceptions that I have held in the past about doing this emotional "work" is that the individual is responsible for accepting their experience of reality and learning how to live and grow from their past experience. My first experience with Constellation therapy created an entirely different paradigm around my approach to this "work."
Through Cat's skillful guidance, I had the profound experience of being supported and held by my ancestors. For the first time ever, I got past the paradigm of constantly struggling to find happiness and experienced the love and support of my family. With any type of breakthrough, there is always the high of the experience followed by the difficulty of applying the insight received back into my daily life. While the constellation therapy was no different, being able to check into the sensation of being held and supported by reality has given me an entirely new perspective. I look forward to working with Cat and getting deeper into this work."
- C. Chen ~ Acupuncturist, Westchester, NY

"Cat is a fantastic facilitator in both group and private sessions. The space she created felt safe to be vulnerable. She is loving and understanding in her guidance to heal at such depths. The group dynamic was a great experience, but I loved the private session with her as I got to experience and feel into the various aspects. She is generous in clearing out as many tangent areas/topics - it's a rich experience.  Each time I've worked with her, I experience results within the week (and most recently, within minutes).   I highly recommend her. If this is her level of healing as she's starting, I can't imagine the heights and depths in which she'll go over time."
- N. Amora ~ Creator of Live Embodied, NYC

"My constellation with Cat shifted energy dynamics in my family which had been stuck for many years. Since the constellation I feel lighter and more clear, and more available for my own life!  Also, my relationships with my family of origin have all shifted. I'm infinitely grateful."
- Elizabeth G. ~ Brooklyn, NY

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"Recently, I was speaking with a good friend and telling her about something stressful in my life and she pointed out that I wasn’t reacting about it in the way that I had so many times before.  During past conversations it would have seemed like the “end of my world”, and I would have been desperate and in a panic.  I realized that this new calmness, perspective, and acceptance in my life was because of the clearing energy work that Cat had been doing with me.  

I am typically a bit of a skeptic and not one to easily embrace personal growth modalities.  I was hesitant to even participate in the Family Constellations and Deep Clearing session, but at her suggestion I went ahead anyway and am so very glad that I did!  The benefits have been subtle, gradual and yet so very profound.  
Now as I realize the effects and changes this process is having on me, I am excited to continue working with Cat.  She is intuitive, insightful and her calm energy fills you with relief and an abundance of positivity.  Sessions with her are truly magic and certainly life changing!"

~Christine P ~ Web designer and Artist, NYC

Article Written by: Lokkal San Miguel de Allende Events