Hi, I’m Cat Gelinas.

I teach and facilitate shadow work,
ancestral healing, and development.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

C.G. Jung

Cat Gelinas has trained in Family & Systemic Constellations, Energy medicine, Consciousness development using the Stages Model, Shadow Work, Authentic Relational skills, and more.

Over the years, she's been gathering and synthesizing all her learnings into a beautiful cocktail of transformation for others.  

Her delight in life is to hold space for people to explore and extract the richness of their experiences in a way that they feel held, nourished, and expanded. 

Facilitating discovery of whatever is present and emerging in the moment in such a way that awakens the aliveness that's just waiting to have the lid taken off. 

If that feels like a fit for you - I'd love to support you in your journey.

Book with Cat

"The unexamined life is not worth living."
-- Socrates

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Main Methodologies

Family & Systemic Constellations

Constellations is a method of healing inherited ancestral trauma. It reveals the hidden dynamics and trauma that spans multiple generations in a given family. It resolves limiting or harmful effects of of the past. Profound and powerful shifts can occur by putting light on the unconscious bonds between parent and child.

Stages Model &

STAGES is a recent theory and assessment methodology for human consciousness development. It combines psychological stages of development with psychological shadow work and spiritual state.
Using this, we can pinpoint the stage of development which has shadow or blockages.

Energy Medicine &
somatic integration

All thoughts, emotions, and beliefs have an energy in the body. Aspects in survival or resistance can block energy flow. By connecting to the body and energetic field we can release these blocks and beliefs. This frees up the field, giving back vibrancy & aliveness, and shifting what’s possible in our journey.

Elegant Mystic: 6-month online training course
Are you longing for more?
Open towards subtle experience and the flourishing of awareness in this 6-month online course.

This course is designed for both enhancing your skill set in facilitating transformation for others, your personal development and awakening. We will be diving into foundational skills, techniques, awareness’s, and embodiment using specifically designed maps, models, techniques, and practices.

Join a group of human beings, who are ready to engage in honest inquiry and open into deeper versions of self. Here, profound and true transformation becomes possible. Each cohort is unique, and provides a deeply humbling experience for all involved.

Together, we will embark into a mature learning journey of our human development – here every interaction becomes a work of art. Our spontaneous discoveries, wild abandon, and slow movement into wholeness open into an infinite horizon line.

Transform yourself and others

Learn the creative process of designing transformational experiences for others, and in the process receiving the beauty of your own system, with exercises designed to support you in growing into your leading edge. Embrace the emerging movement and unfolding of deep inquiry.

Integral Synthesis

All of the work learned in class is a synthesis of multiple bodies of knowledge, science, philosophies, wisdom, and tradition. We pull from decades of experience and have multiple staff with their own specialties to create a holistic course designed to support you in bringing this information directly into your day-to-day life.

Shadow Work

Beyond the perspective of a single teacher, there are multiple teachers, mentors, and previous students who will be sharing their unique perspective and mastery in this course to support you in illuminating blindspots and unconscious material. The potential for supportive feedback, and lights to shine in are immense. Dive deep into shadow work in this container.

Subtle Energetics

Develop your own subtle energetic capacities and support their emergence them according to your unique structure of being. Access extraordinary awareness energy, synchronistic flow, alchemy, being and aliveness.

Developmentally Designed

This training is created to not just create state changes, but stage shifts in consciousness. Lean into healthy vertical development.

Awakening in Community

Access a community of deeply engaged humans who are interested in holding more responsibility for humanities well being. Transform yourself relationally – both in intimacy and with the collective.

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Why Development?

- The experience of life typically becomes more spacious as development occurs- with more possibilities and openings for freedom and ease.

- An ever expanding ability to get a bird’s eye view on any situation and perspective.

- Awareness of thought, emotion, and sensation become much more nuanced and because of that the present moment experience becomes richer

- simply put - Awareness is sexy. When someone knows what’s going on...it’s attractive...it’s powerful.

- An expanded capacity to be with complexity

- Faster processing of information.

- Ability to hold more things at once.

- Access to more truth and unexplored, new edges of human potential.

- Potential for a deeper spiritual fulfillment

- As we can hold more complexity, we can solve more complex problems (global warming, poverty, the prison system, etc)

- Holding more complexity, we can become more adaptable - communicate across developmental lines

- Becoming aware of our development, so that we can also look at our own developmental trauma. And by targeting that, create more healing or wholeness more quickly and precisely.

SYLLABUS for Elegant Mystic
2020 Curriculum

2020 Curriculum

Module 1
February 1st and 2nd
Module 2
February 22nd and 23rd
Module 3
March 14th and 15th
Module 4: April 25th and 26th
Module 5
May 16th and 17th
Module 6
June 6th and 7th


Taught by Elegant Mystic Staff, guest teachers, and mentors, this course is a 6-month long course, with class meetings one weekend a month, six hours on Saturday and four hours on Sunday of the weekend date.

The modules are hosted via the Zoom conference platform, from 10:00am-4:00pm MDT on Saturday and 10:00am-2:00pm on Sunday. Each module contains a mixture of lecture, experiential practice, and both group and individual opportunities to deepen into the work.

Additional technologies needed to participate in the course are Slack and Voxer. We will be using private groups on these channels to support delivering content, creating community and integration for each other.

Between Modules

You’ll be doing a lot of both supporting and being supported, in as many different contexts as possible. And there’s no way around this. This isn’t a course focused on supporting you to ‘help everybody else’. Knowing intimately what it’s like to have a blindspot highlighted by a coach simply co-exploring with you, or to suddenly have a ‘good cry’ you didn’t even know you needed, or feeling deeply seen and understood during a practice session…only by having walked this terrain yourself will you help others navigate their own. There will also be a 1-hour optional meeting in between classes to support you in your process as well as 2 Pods, 1 hour with each instructor to train you in the techniques.


Between each module, you will receive, two 60 minute practice sessions with a course lead. Here you will have direct feedback on your work in between courses.


You will be assigned a mentor and a group of 2 students that you will be paired with for the duration of the training. In this group you will complete course group homework, awareness practices, and trade sessions with each other.

Program Cost

Our 6-month program is a profound investment in your growth and transformation. We limit your cohort to 15 participants, some whom we’ve encouraged years prior to wait until a more optimal time to train with us. We never presume training with us is the right choice for you! Your enrollment will be considered on a first come first serve basis. You need to complete and submit all application materials, in addition to your deposit, in order to be considered.

The $400 deposit is non-refundable. Withdrawing from class, the refund will be based on the date of withdrawal and how much of the course you’ve taken.

Financially speaking we strive to keep our tuition low and we do not subscribe to ‘abundance mentality’ paradigms that might encourage someone to spend money they don’t have. Depending on your emotional constitution, taking on a larger investment than you’ve saved up for might ironically prevent you from being emotionally supple enough for such an intensive training.

Payment Details:

First Four Spots Available - $3,697

Tuition through the end of registration


Grad Rate

$2,500 (2-grad spots available)

Young Mystic Rate

$2,500 (one spot available for someone under the age of 30)

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Program Costs and Policies
If you withdraw from any course 24hrs or more before it's begun you will receive a 100% refund.
Deposits are non-refundable after the course has begun. 
Any withdrawals from a course after the start date, refunds will be based on the date of withdrawal.

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